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what is life?

Life goes beyond our current understanding. Regard it as something not limited to biological organisms or consciousness.

Instead, life is defined by participation. It includes anything that engages, influences or participates in our decisions and decision chains. From the trees swaying in the wind to the wind itself to the stone on your path, all animate or inanimate play an active or passive role in your decisions.

Everything participates and influences the course of decisions; a stone, a gust of wind, or a droplet of water, as much as a human or an animal, partakes in the interplay of decisions and consequences.

Life is every participant and influencer in the web of decision chains.

life and decision chains

Our lives are a series of decisions like beads on a necklace. These decision chains are paths we carve out in the landscape of possibilities, shaping our reality. Regarded as a whole, they aren't linear progressions but complex networks of progression through options.

Each decision puts us in front of new undecided potential pathways, further branching out the existing chain.

Life can be understood as a network of interdependent decision chains, where each participant, irrespective of its scale or perceived inanimateness, actively contributes to a complex, dynamic existence of experience constructed by a myriad of decision-influencing participants connected by influence and interaction.