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Facets of Truth

Imagine a diamond with many polished facets, floating in the space where the absolute reality is represented, the absolute Truth of everything. The diamond facets reflect on their surface the respective parts of the Truth they face.

While you look at one facet you see the part it reflects. with absolute clarity, you believe that this is the Truth. Switching your focus to a neighbouring facet, this Truth changes, the reflection is different, may have some common elements with the previous facet but the differences are clear. While different facets of the Truth may complement each other, they very well can be contradicting, giving you the impression that what you see is impossible.

Turning your focus to further away facets, the truth you see there may be so much different than the truths you saw before, it may seem to be untrue. But every facet reflects the absolute truth, always.

Observing the facets of Truth is not having a perception of Truth, where intent, experience and internal processing are used to create guidance to achieve goals.

Facets of Truth are a raw copy of it split into pieces.

Facets of Truth are split parts of the Truth existing depending on which facet you look at.