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the walls around you

In your life, many walls are being created. Some, you create yourself, through your beliefs, and your fears, others are created by the culture, history, society, and family you are surrounded, raised and accept. Many try and succeed in breaking down some of these walls as they feel the limitations they sometimes pose or escape them, looking to live outside of the boundaries they choose to escape from.

But there are walls no one can escape. Set in a very distant past, integrated into all aspects of societies as they evolved into what you see now and regard as an evolved and mature system throughout the world.

When primates started evolving into the modern humans you see now, they did not yet have developed communicational skills like language but they already knew what money was and they understood the concept of it very well, in the form of exchange.

The walls of money were created so early in the evolutionary development of the human species, resulting in the acceptance of money as an almost natively given element of evolvement, of a fundamental social building block of the evolved human.

the unbreakable money wall

Contrary to many other walls where you have a choice, the freedom to break them down, or escape, money is different. ย It is the only element in your world that independent from its state, availability or unavailability you are a slave of it. You have built a world where there is no escape from money. You depend on it for your survival, your movement. Every aspect of your life depends on money, either in the form of a bill or in the form of some kind of exchange. You got used to the concept of giving and taking and when you do not get something you do not give. Everything is some form of exchange, even the things where you could assume that money has no place. Love, respect, and appreciation, just being a few of these things.

See freedom for the first time, feel it, want it, live it.