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what life is

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Traditionally, we perceive time as a constant, forward-flowing river that advances independently of us. But what if we reconsider this concept of time? What if time is not the leading current but rather a result of our actions?

Time is an indicator of the density of our decisions. Each moment is defined by our decisions, and the speed at which we make these decisions determines our perception of the passage of time. The more decisions we make, the faster time seems to progress, and vice versa.

Time is a perception, a sense of progression dictated by the density of our decisions rather than an autonomous entity governing events.


Our lives are a series of decisions strung like beads on a necklace. These decision chains are intricate paths we carve out in the landscape of possibilities, shaping our reality. They aren't merely linear progressions from one decision to the following but complex, multi-dimensional networks of possibilities.

Each decision puts us in the form of new undecided potential pathways, further branching out the existing chain.

Decision Chains are the successive sequences of actions/results, each being a consequence and reality of a crystallized, executed intent rather than a theoretical product of deliberation only.

the global language

The universal code that binds all, from the smallest particles to the grand cosmos. It's not built upon spoken words, written scripts, or specific symbols but formed from 37 unique emotional blocks, each with a particular range of intensities.

The Global Language functions beyond conscious thought, providing an intangible but essential system. It enables an understanding that transcends conventional communication methods.

All forms of life and matter negotiate and create their reality through the Global Language.


nfinity isn't abstract and unreachable. It is bounded by reach. A boundary that's simultaneously limitless yet defined by the constraints of our reality, the reality of every participant in the universe, and the reality of the system itself.

Infinity is the boundless expanse of potential decision chains within the limits of our perceived reality, like the farthest reach of your voice when you scream your loudest.


In a paradigm shift from traditional definitions, life isn't just limited to biological existence. It's every entity that partakes in decision chains.

Be it the bird in flight, the wind rustling leaves, or the stone you trip on - everything that decides, in its unique form, to participate in these chains embodies life.

Life is not about cellular processes or brain activity but about active participation and influence in this web of decisions. Life expands into an all-encompassing concept, encapsulating every participatory entity.

Life is every active participant and influencer in the universe's intricate decision-chains.