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Money, the pest of this world

You will not find a similar thing in this world like money. It is the only thing that in every form, state, availability or unavailability creates the same result.

Just a Slave

It makes you a slave of it no matter how much of it you have, nothing, a bit, less than nothing, a lot or even much more than a lot. And itโ€™s not only money in the form you know it. Itโ€™s money in the form of any kind of exchange.

From Barter to Money

From the very beginning, when humans started to exchange things, from barter to the forms of money as you know them now, it took a controlling position in every aspect of life, existence, a guard who decides if you live, when and how happy you are allowed to be if you have food to eat and feed your children if you can enjoy the view of a blue ocean, or even how long you can live.

Bathing in a concept, not in money

You get born bathing in the idea of money, its concept and reality, you grow up with it always present, closer to you than anything else, persistently visible and invisible at the same time while you can never escape. Money feels so normal, you accept it as given and valid, natural, the thing you need to live, to move, to survive, to be happy, it's like the air you need to breathe.

Money is every form of exchange, every giving for something you get.