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to truth

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You might think that perception is the partial truth of something or an incomplete picture of the reality around you influenced and shaped by individual factors, creating a unique view of something.

Contrary to truth, which represents facts of reality, even if one can’t fully see it, perception does not represent Truth. 

Perception is a guidance tool, assisting in navigating through decision paths and helping to achieve goals. 

Human perception only looks as if derived from reality because, in addition to guidance it offers for distant or upcoming decisions/events, it also actively creates the frame of insights on which you base your imminent decisions, defining your movement, vision and all external information you gather.  Regard perception as an always-on processing unit altering every external signal or even removing it to guide you to correct your current path efficiently; you could say manage, optimise and target, all according to your goals and needs.

Perception is a guidance tool, to achieve your goals and is not derived from truth.