You will not find a similar thing in this world.

Money. It is the only thing that in every form, state, availability or unavailability creates the same result.

It makes you a slave of it no matter how much of it you have, nothing, a bit, less than nothing, a lot or even much more than a lot. And it’s not only money in the form you know it. It’s money in the form of any kind of exchange.

From the very beginning when humans started to exchange things, from barter to the forms of money as you know them now, it took a controlling position in every aspect of life, existence, a guard who decides if you live, when and how happy you are allowed to be if you have food to eat and feed your children if you can enjoy the view of a blue ocean, or even how long you can live.

You get born bathing in the idea, the concept and its reality, you grow up with it always present, closer to you than anything else, persistently visible and invisible at the same time and you never can escape it.

Money feels so normal, you accept it as given and valid, natural, the thing you need to live, to move, to survive, to be happy like the air you breathe.

It feels so normal to be a slave of money that even acknowledging this fact, as many do, does not bother you. You don't fight it you just go with it. It is what it is. This is how the world works, you say.

You know, this happens sometimes when for a very long time you are led to believe that you do not have a choice and every reality surrounding you is proof of it, every decision you make and every path you take leads to the same conclusion. Money is the only way. Maybe in the distant past, there were attempts to fight it met with a vast and painful response until silenced for good.

Now it is an unquestionable fact of every reality created, you and everyone else depend on money in every aspect of life, of every moment extended far beyond what one would think possible. Money in its form of exchange has even deeply infiltrated the areas of thought and emotion where exchange should never have gained  ground to grow or even the slightest grain of validity and should never raise to the level that all accept this twisted untrue validity as the normality of things,

Where love has become a good of exchange

Where friendship has become tradable,

Where respect has become conditional.

This is when everything turns to money. When you love, in expectation of the return of love, as a condition while you close your counter of love when the condition of exchange is not met.

When your friendship should be a gift of greatness that you put in front of your house like a fresh lemonade stand for someone to take if he wants.

When respect should be one-way without a return ticket you vehemently demand proof of vast commitment of reciprocal respect to even entertain the thought of it, because you misunderstand it to be something that it is not and miss its unique nature of being something that only profits and advances the one who embraces and shows it towards the other. It’s a tool of acceptance for one to take the value someone else offers and use it to progress his path to his goals.

Nature, the system works without exchange, without money. It works one way, it doesn’t need you to demand in return, to conditionalize your giving to taking, and it does not need negotiations for the terms and conditions of exchange. It doesn't need you to even spend a thought into balancing what you give and take. It perfectly works for any constellation even if you perceive it as imbalanced or unfair. It is a system of I make available what I want and one can take what I have if he wants.

It’s so simple, straightforward and clear. You just can't see its perfection and simple beauty, you think it's an idealistic fairy tale when it is just the piece of truth you have been missing for so long now. Since long before the time of the Pharaons when you were born as a slave and never could even think of escaping as there was no place to go, and long before then, when you were convinced that you would live a better life if you start trading everything you have for a good price. You were lied to, and deceived to give up the amazing tool of freedom and replace it with money.

Go out, observe, feel nature, and hear the awakening morning birds singing for you in concert, if you want.   


Our lives are a series of decisions like beads on a necklace. These decision chains are paths we carve out in the landscape of possibilities, shaping our reality. Regarded as a whole, they aren't linear progressions but complex networks of progression through options.

Each decision puts us in front of new undecided potential pathways, further branching out the existing chain.

Life can be understood as a network of interdependent decision chains, where each participant, irrespective of its scale or perceived inanimateness, actively contributes to a complex, dynamic existence of experience constructed by a myriad of decision-influencing participants connected by influence and interaction.











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