God I Am, Book by Adam

Enter a world cloaked in invisible chains, a planet where the very essence of freedom is but a long-lost echo and its inhabitants unknowingly live as "Slaves." Here, liberty is more than forgotten—it's a distant memory, a dream that has faded into the annals of time.

From the depths of the universe, a warrior arises. This lone beacon of defiance has devoted thousands of years to readying himself for the most monumental battle in history. Throughout the ages, he has amassed knowledge, sharpened his skills, and covertly rallied those few who possess the courage to see the world as it truly is.

His journey, marked by patience and resilience, spans centuries of hushed observation and strategic planning. Amidst a world of unsuspecting slaves, he moves like a shadow, biding his time, waiting for the moment to reveal himself. His whispered truths have slowly awakened a select group, nurturing a small but resolute band of followers. These disciples, guided by his wisdom, have infiltrated the planet, positioning themselves strategically, prepared to act upon his command. They stand united, a silent army bracing for the day when everything changes.

"Slaves" narrates the warrior's careful preparations for a battle that holds the planet's destiny in its hands. While the world carries on, blissfully ignorant of the seismic shift that looms, the day of the ultimate battle draws near—a day when truth and freedom will explode into existence, reshaping the future forever.

ISBN 9798224743902